What’s Your Face Shape?

The most commonly asked questions: What’s the best style for my face shape? How do I determine my face shape?

I haven’t directly addressed this before, but decided that it’s a great topic to be blogged about. We’ll start with the basics.  There are a a few different common basic face shapes.

The Oval face shape is probably the easiest to recognize. This type of face is a bit longer than it is wide and the line of your cheekbones will be noticeably wider than the rest of your face. Jessica Biel has a very classically oval face shape, as does Rihanna


Almost any hairstyle is suitable for this face shape. Oval face shapes can get away with either center or side parts that will both be equally flattering.  A long layered style best shows off the face shape and can bring light to facial features like great cheekbones or stunning eyes.  Avoid styles that add height near the crown.


Square face shapes are just as they would seem. The width of your forehead, cheeks and jawline is roughly equal. We can see this on Jessica Simpson.


You can soften she angles of the face with subtle layers or more rounded styles.  To balance out angles near the jaw-bone, try a side-swept bangs with long layered waves.  This brings more attention to the cheekbones and the upper half of the face. The subtle waves will soften the harsher edges of the face.
Typically, the hair should be around shoulder length for the most flattering style.  If you choose to go shorter, the length should hit just above or below your jaw line. Avoid harsh center parts as this will widen the face, and avoid blunt bangs or one length styles.

Kyra Sedgewick has a great hairstyle that plays up all the specifics of a style to compliment her square face shape: side swept bangs, soft layers/waves, and the length is just around shoulder length.


Another common face shape is the Heart shape. The shape is defined by being broadened at the forehead and then tapers into a small, narrow chin.  This can also be considered a triangle face shape.  We can see evident examples of this as such on Brittany Murphy and Reese Witherspoon.

Since the chin tends to be the focal point on this shape,, bring attention to your eyes and cheekbones instead with sideswept bangs, brow-grazing fringe and a strong part.  and hair that falls at or below your jawline. If you decide to have short hair, keep the top layers soft and long.  Long layers are best for long-length hair for this face shape.

The main point is to focus on styles that add width from the jaw line downwards to balance a pointy/prominent chin. This shape is widest across the forehead and temple area.  Side-swept fringe and deep parts will break up the width and balance it.  We can see the deep part on both Brittany Murphy’s pony-tail and also Reese’s short wavy hair.

The Rectangle face shape is similar to a square one. The face is even in proportion from the forhead to the chin and has harsher edges.  You can soften and give the illusion of a more balanced face shap by adding body and volume along the sides to counter the length of the face. Avoid wearing your hair straight and long since this will just add length to the face and bring attention to the harsh angles of the face.


Naomi Campbell does just this by wearing her long hair in full waves all along the sides.  This actually make her face look oval, although upon taking a closer look, we know that her face is a classic rectangular shape.  See what differences a hairstyle can make?

Round face shapes have the widest point at the cheeks and ears. They are full looking faces with a rounder chin and hairline.  Christina Ricci is a great example of this face shape.

For Round faces, avoid chin length hair as that draws emphasis to the fullness of the shape.  Center parts also draw attention to the wideness of the face.  Avoid styles with straight bangs or short straight crops. Also be sure to avoid hairstyles full along the side.  This will only accentuate the fullness of the round shape. Instead,try hairstyles that add fullness at the crown, or off-center parts.  Christina Ricci has shown us how the off-center part can help balance out the roundness. She’s also utilized the style of a swept-back/sleeked look to detract from the fullness of the face.  Layering near the crown can also allow a hairstyle to help elongate/narrow the face.

Triangular face shapes are the reverse of the heart shape.  The face is exemplified by a strong/dominant jaw line and is narrow at the cheeks and temples.  Triangular faces should try shorter hair that can balance the strong jaw line.  Styles fuller at the temples that taper at the jaw are good for triangular shapes.  To detract from the narrow forehead area, utilize off-center parts or heavily layered shag hairstyles. Layers will be able to balance the lack of fullness in the forehead.

Be sure to avoid center parts or styles with too much height at the crown.  Hair length should not be longer than the nape of the neck.

Kathy Ireland has a triangle face shape and although her hair is long, she keeps the fullness and volume around the temple area to balance her face shape.

The Diamond Face is a combination of the heard and a dramatic oval shape.  It’s widest at the cheekbones, and narrow at the forehead and jawline. Jordana Brewster is a good example of this face shape.

Try add softness and width at the cheekbones and fill out a pointed chin. Hairstyles with sleek side panels will slim the wide cheekbone areas. It’s suggested to add fullness around the forehead and chin to for a more balanced oval appearance. You can see on Jordana that she plays down her narrow forhead with bangs and uses the idea of sleek side panels slimming her wide cheek area.

I hope this general guide helps everyone that’s been puzzled about what hairstyle actually suits their face shape.  Feel free to email me with more questions if you’re still having trouble determining your face shape.

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