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Cameron Diaz on Parade Magazine’s Cover

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Is anyone else loving Cameron’s hair? Or is it just me.  I think she looks absolutely gorgeous.  Her makeup is perfect, her smile is perfect, her arms are toned.  She’s seriously never looked better.  Her perfectly touseled waves and shadow roots add that touch of realness and easy beauty.


photo courtesy of and parade magazine

Usually, celebs just try to give off the image of accessibility.  However, I’ve found through watching interviews of Cameron Diaz that she’s one of those few stars that really are down to earth.  Her image is beaming representation of who she really is as a celebrity and role model!  I especially love the length of her hairstyle now.  It’s long, but not too long.  The color looks great on her and is perfect for summer.  It’s also easy to achieve on your own at home.


photo courtesy of and parade magazine

To make your own hair wavy, you can try spritzing some texturizer on your hair after you’ve dried your hair halfway.  Then, loosely grab handfuls of your hair and scrunch from the bottom up.  If your hair is wavy, this will be the perfect style for you.  I often resort to this hairstyle on days that I’m feeling lazy.  I just jump out of the shower, dry my hair and spray texturizer.  After a few seconds of scrunching and finishing off the look w/ some soft hold wax to piece the hair and smooth fly-aways, and I’m out the door.


photo courtesy of and parade magazine

This is a really great hair style for dressing up or down.  Looks great with a t-shirt and jeans, or a sundress like the picture above with Cameron Diaz in a yellow tunic style dress.  Overall, easy style that works for any occasion!

Spotlight On Voguewigs’ Happy Customers

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I just want to take the time thank our customers for all their feedback.  We really appreciate all of your comments and suggestions as we’re always looking for ways to improve our content and service. It especially makes us happy when all of you out there are happy with your purchases and what we can provide you!  Thanks, everyone!

I’ve included some recent responses from some of our lovely customers below. As always, last names have been removed for customer’s privacy. Thanks thanks thanks!!!


Thank you, so much, for this message, I appreciate your allowing me to know that you rec’d my M.O. and the particulars concerning the filling of my order. I rec’d the package today and am pleased with the order.

Thanks again.



Hello again. I just got my order and I am soooo happy! I just wanted to let you know. I also wanted to let you know that I have a beauty blog and I added pics of the wigs that I ordered and when the blog readers click on the pics they will automatically be directed to your website. I wrote a whole article on them and how much I love your company and customer service. I guess wearing wigs takes a little while to get used to, since they feel itchy at first, but I will get used to it. I love them so much. So affordable and so pretty. I will list the link to the blog below in case you wanted to see what I wrote and what pics I put up. I hope this is okay with you, but if not just let me know and I will take down the pics and the link to your site. My blog is for people who are on a “beauty budget” so I post about all things that are inexpensive yet great. These wigs are it for sure. I am so pleased. Thank you again. Take care. I will be back for more very soon. I promise.



I was very pleasently surprised with my purchased. I did not expect to the color to match as well as it did and the fit was perfect. Again, I was completely satisfed with my purchase.



This so far has been the best experience I have had for buying a wig on-line. Between the customer reviews relating to fit and thickness and feel of wig. Also on the site you are able to see the different colors and color numbers of different style wigs on actual peoples heads by manufacturer  showing a variety of options by each wig manufacturer. I was pleasantly surprised when my purchase was what I had expected. As you know it is very difficult to buy a wig without being able to try it on. I have purchased a few more since and again was very pleased. Delivery time was only a couple of days and I did not rush the delivery. They have a Paypal option and will contact you by e-mail if part of your order is not currently available and will ask how you would like to proceed or cancel and re-order at a later date. Overall I had an excellent experience and will recommend them to others.



I am delighted to report that my purchaces were both just like I saw in the picture on line.  They arrived in a timely manner, fit and look real good.  My friends just love my new looks, and I am a very happy customer, also, they are light to wear, and fit just perfect.  Thank you for your care to provide a real, natural looking product.



Voguewigs loves you too!! ;)

All About Eyes

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I know all we blog about is hair to enhance your look, but what about the rest of your face? What happens if you want fringe to draw attention to your eyes but don’t feel the size and shape of your eyes are dynamic enough to carry it off? Typically, the solution is probably heavy kohl eyeliner. However, I’ve discovered myself a few years back the wonders of falsies. You would think that they’re only used for professional photo shoots or celebrity events. Surprisingly, in this recession I’ve noticed increased trends and needs for false eyelashes for the everyday woman. Even the First Lady Michelle Obama has been following the trend.  She’s mentioned during interviews I’ve seen to say that she’s worn false eyelashes most recently last month in the UK. To me, false eyelashes enhance the eyes more than just eyeliner.  They open up the eye and thus your entire face as well. The accessory adds a more feminine charm and come-hither aspect to the eyes.


image courtesy of

Falsies are not just for drag queens, movie stars or even First Ladies. Just like wigs, false eyelashes come in a variety of shapes, lengths, densities and materials. They can be used to dramatize or subtly enhance the eyes.  Wigs and false eyelashes have more in common than you’d think! I’ve seen $400 fox fur eyelashes down to a set of $2 synthetic fiber lashes. In any case, legendary film maker D.W. Griffith was a genius. Who would have thought that by him hiring a wigmaker to construct eyelashes from human hair and gauze in the early 1900s would lead to this? Just as he had intended for the false eyelashes to do, they create a glamorous wide-eyed look.

Most known for headlining the fashion world with their coveted couture eyelashes is Shu Uemura.  Their lashes range anywhere from $20-$95 for a pair.   Currently on my most wanted list: Farfallina lashes from Shu’s Tokyo Lash Bar 2009 collection just released today:


image courtesy of

They are the perfectly romantic pair to dress up the eyes for the doe-eyed look.  I’m thinking to try this with Still Curls by Forever Young this weekend.  :D

still curls.jpg

Summer Wedding Hairstyles We Love

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It’s starting to finally feel like summer!  It’s definitely the preferred season for weddings.  Aside from the dress and makeup, another important component to the wedding day look is having the perfect hair.  I’ve come across some of my own favorite hairstyles while helping my girl friends with their weddings for this season.  My favorites range from glamorous to bohemian.


A low knotted bun or low side swept pony tail is flattering and conservative no matter the gown. Try simple clean makeup for a timeless look in your photos.  You can never go wrong w/ a classic look.

*photos taken from
*photos taken from


Bouffants and teased crowns will add the red-carpet aspect to your style for the special day.  The idea is stunning elegance. Try emphasizing one feature only with makeup.  Either heavy colored lips or a smokey eye.  Having both would overwhelm your face and detract attention from a focal point. If your hair is very exaggerated, try going with a nude palette for makeup that’s sharply understated to contrast the hair.

*photos taken from


*photos taken from


*photos taken from


These styles are great for outdoor weddings.  They do well even if it’s a bit breezy.  The basics of these styles are free-flowing tresses that are styled to look natural and beach ready.  Be free with your makeup options here. Go for a bronzier look if your planning to tan or be near the beach.  Try cooler palettes if your setting is more of a garden type environment.

*photos taken from


*photos taken from


*photos taken from


Like straight from a storybook fairytale, this style should make you feel like a princess on your special day.  Here we have styles that emphasize warmth, sweetness and in some cases a slight playfulness with the loose curls. Makeup here should be fairly warm and emphasize the romantic style in your hair. Try shades of peach blush suitable for your skin tone or even a stained lip to emphasize a youthfulness to the look.

*photos taken from


*photos taken from


*photos taken from


For the free-spirit, loose touseled and unkempt hair is the rule.  Try adding hair accessories to glamourize your wavy hair.  Try makeup earth-tones like nudes, browns, pinks and peaches.  Peachy-pink lips are perfect to compliment this style.

*photos taken from


*photos taken from


Styles for the ultimately chic women,  this hair emphasizes a woman with a bold statement.  Lines are defined and sleek reflecting the modern take on beauty and feminine qualities. Don’t be afraid to try liquid eyeliner for a well-defined edgy eye to pair with a sharp hair-do.  Be bold but simple with hair accessories here.  The idea is to make a statement, but in a minimalist way.

*photos taken from


*photos taken from

No matter your preference, remember that it’s your special day! Don’t be afraid to push the limits but you have to feel comfortable to feel beautiful.  Good luck! ;)