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Site Updates: New Low Prices and Back-In-Stocks!

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Finally, some good news that everyone’s been waiting for.  We just got back in stock Elegante Human Hair Jasmine and Human Hair Julianne.  We know some of you have been waiting a few months for these.  It’s been a long time, even for us. The manufacturer has finally re-stocked those two styles so hurry and place your order before they’re out of stock again! We have them available in a range of colors that were previously out of stock.

Our newly added Jessica Simpson Hairdo Bangs are also doing really well.  We’ve just lowered prices on that to $29!  It’s the best deal online right now!


Select Hairdo items have also been reduced in price.  Check on your favorite extensions now to see if they’re been lowered.

June Promotions~New Products!

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We just sent out a newsletter introducing some new products that we officially carry!  I’ve posted several entries previously about adding bangs or fringe to your look.  For those of you that are big fans of Hairdo products, they now offer bangs extensions for a really great price.  For now, Hairdo Bangs are exclusive to our site. :)

Also, check out the new lace front wigs from Sepia.  Our collection of offered lace front wigs is expanding.  Now you’ll have nine more choices to choose from.  I love the results and look of lace front wigs.  Exposing the forehead isn’t a problem with lace front wigs.

If you’ve loved Raquel Welch wigs, you’ll be happy to hear that the line has just introduced 8 new wigs that use their new fiber and construction for the perfect lightweight wig in the summer heat.  The styles are great too~! Browse her new styles here!
Happy shopping! :D


$10,000 For Extensions?!

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For those that covet long lush hair in the world of ceelebrity-dom, apparently money is never an issue. Clients of famed “Tress Goddess,” and hair augmentation specialist, Mahri Martens-Tomas pay upwards of $10,000 for a head of perfect hair.  The extensions have to be touched-up or reapplied every 3-4 months and many clients will pay not only the price for the applications, but also travel-fare in order to get to Martens-Tomas’ in Beverly Hills. Clients fly from all over to have these luxurious extensions. The charge exactly? A hefty $5,000 for the first once and $4,000 for each additional ounce.  Most average clients will get around 3 ounces but it’s not unheard of to add up to 8 ounces of hair for the fullest, thickest hair a client can get.  Some people will need just a handful of extensions to fill a bald spot and some might just want to fill their entire head just for their own enjoyment.

What exactly makes this hair from Martens-Tomas worth the price?  Firstly, the adhesive she uses are custom depending on the need of the client.  Not to mention, they are specially formulated in general for an adhesive that’s very gentle and can withstand months of washing and drying without destroying the hair cuticles.  She adjusts the adhesive for each client depending on if they hit the gym and shower regularly or depending on the hair type if it’s oily or dry. Aside from custom adhesives, Martens-Tomas only uses European hair for her work. The exclusive provider she buys from originally provided hair for wigs for all the royals in Europe.  Compared to the cheapest hair for sale out there, this hair is 10x more expensive.  None of the hair Martens-Tomas uses is dyed.  At times, clients may need to wait a few months to get the right type of hair and length.

Mahri is pictured below in front of her Beverly Hills office.

picture courtesy of

All I can say is, for those without $10k to spare, thank goodness for Hairdo products. ;)   The limits for luxury consumption is definitely boundless!

HairDo 2-for-1 Only Until 6/30

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Back by popular demand, we’re giving away FREE 15″ Wavy ($77 Value) with every 23″ Wavy Hairdo Extensions purchase.  For those of you that have been waiting for the sale, this is the perfect opportunity to get two looks for the price of one!  The deal is just in time for your summer vacation.  You can show off fabulous long, full, wavy hair or surprise your family and friends at the next wedding with a cute short wavy bob. I see playing dress-up in your near future ;)


JLo Obsessed About Wigs

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It’s no secret that stars love to change their hairstyle on a whim with the help of wigs.  Triple-threat Jennifer Lopez is among one of the more known celebs that often steps out with new locks. She’s known for her sometimes over-the-top extravagance in spending as well as her flashy style.  It’s no wonder she’s one of Donatella Versace’s favorite celebs to dress. JLo changes her hairstyle so much that it’s rumored she has built an entirely separate room in her New York mansion just for her hairpieces.

Her actual hair length is a medium bob that’s something like this picture


image courtesy of
“Jennifer is obsessed with changing her hairstyle and has built a separate room for her wigs in her mansion. She keeps the door locked and hardly ever lets anyone in the room, not even her husband Marc (Anthony),” a source quoted from


image courtesy of

The sourced adds that “The shelves on the walls are full of plastic heads holding the best hairpieces money can buy. Her actual hair is shoulder-length. Her wigs allow her to experiment with different looks and styles without having to have extensions or grow her own locks,”

If this is true, she really is a dedicated chameleon of image. It must be great to wake up everyday and decide what person to be!