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Featured Style: Loving Imogen Heap

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Imogen Heap, artist from the UK always has the most urban unkempt look.  She’s most known for her work as part of group Frou Frou that has been featured on the movie Garden State’s soundtrack.  Since she’s gone solo, she’s been nominated for two Grammy Awards.  Her most recent Ellipse for 2009 has just been released.


Her looks is a little bit street, a little bohemian, vintage glam and all-together mesmerizing much like her voice. I’m currently loving her look below: Unkempt hair in a messy up-do, vintage shades and a vintage sequin dress.
imogen_heap Jeremy Cowart WWD.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Coward /

Sometimes, looking your best should take the least amount of effort.

Different Bangs for Different Face Shapes?

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Bangs. Yes or no? Undoubtedly, bangs are always in fashion. They’re like an accessory in my opinion.  You can change your look completely just by adding bangs or growing them out/pinning them back. We’re always growing out our bangs or cutting them, actually.  So after you’ve decided that you want bangs now,  how do you know what cut goes best with your current style? We know there are hairstyles that flatter different face shapes more and this is definitely true for fringe as well.

I’m currently loving Kate Moss’ old mid-length hair with bangs.
katemossbangs Amy Sussman Getty Images for ebay.JPG

Photo Courtesy of Amy Sussman/Getty Images for eBay

Oval Face Shapes:

Any type of fringe is ok with this face shape.  It’s the most forgiving of all face shapes, so pick any style and just have fun with it.  Remember to consider your hair texture to get the most flattering cut, ie, fine hair can try side-swept styles and thick textures can try blunt cuts.

Round Face Shapes:

The best style for this face shape will be face framing layers that blend the bangs with the rest of the hair cut.  This minimized the roundness of the face and adds length.  Try layering and feathering the bangs and go for a length that hits around the cheek area.  This will add definition to the cheekbones.

Long Face Shapes:

Blunt bangs work well for long faces.  This helps break up the face and will create more of an oval-shaped face.  Blunt bangs that hit around the brow bone area will create this proportion.  For a softer approach, you can try long or graduated layers around the face for a framing effect that’s always flattering.

Square Face Shapes:

Always stick with side-swept bangs. This will break up the width of the forehead.  Make sure the side-swept bangs taper inwards softly toward the jaw line.  This will also soften the angled jawline of the face.

Heart Face Shape:

The objective for this face shape is to draw attention away from the wideness of the forhead and the pointy chin.  The best bangs for this are side swept feathered bangs or textured bangs.  Some may consider trying full bangs if they have the right texture hair.  Cut straight across, full bangs can help balance out this face shap as wel.

Triangle Face Shape:

Wider cut bangs work best for this face shape.  Due to the angular nature of the face shape, it’s best to soften the bone structure with feathered or wispy bangs.  This can create more of an oval shape.  The feathered fringe will hide the widest points of the forehead and will balance this out in proportion to the chin.  Flat, pageboy fringes are definitely not recommended.

Good luck with whichever style you choose! Be experimental and don’t worry, hair grows back!  In the meantime, you can always use extensions, clip-ins or a wig. LOL :D

5 Hairstyles that Beat The Heat!

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Summer is officially here.  Just because the weather is heating up, doesn’t mean we have to! I’ve done some research and came up with a few hairstyles that are easiest to style and hold up well in heat and humidity.  For those of you looking to cut your hair this summer after trying a few new wig styles that you like, try something below.  They’re low-maintanence styles that you can basically finger comb in the morning and head out the door without too much product.

Chin-Length Layers:

This style is best for flat, limp hair.  By having chin-length hair, you’ll decrease the weight and allow the hair to be lighter and more voluminous.  For fine hair, humidity tends to flatten and worsen the texture providing for lifeless locks. Try a bob cut with subtle layering around the face.  Jennifer Goodwin is pictured below with a classic chin-length bob. If your hair tends to be extra limp, be sure to increase the texturing around the ends of the hair.  This will create more movement and life in your hair.  The cut is also natural and easy to style.  You can use a light styling cream when your hair is half dry to create more volume.  Lightly tousling your hair and finger combing it through should be just enough styling to give you a relaxed and not over-done look for summer.

042809_goodwin_300x400Richard MillerLoud and clear.jpg

Photo Courtey of Richard Miller / Loud & Clear

Side-Swept Bangs:

Teraji Henson shows off a cute bob with side-swept bangs.  In the heat, bangs that are side-swept won’t stick oddly to your forehead.  This works well for mostly thinner hair or straight hair.  If your hair is wavy or curly, it’s probably best to stay with long layers.
042809_henson_300x400Peter Brooker REX USA.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Peter Brooker/Rex USA

Rockstar Pixie:

Needless to say, short hair is probably the easiest to take care of in any weather.  It’s especially true in hot weather.  Not only is a pixie cut easy to roll out of bed with, this style can withstand any climate conditions.  Even if it’s windy, humid and scorching hot, you’ll be able to vacation in the Bahamas carefree knowing your hair is looking great even when messy.  Rihanna’s hair below is slightly asymmetrical in cut.  This style works for any texture of hair be it wavy and thick, or fine and straight.  This is definitely not a cut for the shy.
042809_rihanna_300x400 Andy Fossum STARTRAKSPHOTO.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Andy Fossum/

Long Layers:

When you can’t beat them, join them!  Anyone with naturally wavy or curly hair knows what a mess hot weather can be for his/her hair.  Warm weather and humidity tends to make more textured hair frizzy.  To prevent this, add smoothing serum to your hair and leave your curls/waves loose.  The density of longer layers will help weigh down the rest of the locks and help you a achieve a more naturally flowing look.
042809_roberts2_300x400 Ariel Ramerez Landov.jpg

Photo Courtey of Ariel Ramerez/Landov


The new modern shag with heavy bangs is also a good cut for summer.  This is best for hair that’s fine that tends to flatten and lose life during humidity.  The cut allows for the hair to retain volume during intense heat and humidity.  The layers also allow for a sleeker look when they help smooth down hairs with the density added by the layers.  If you haven’t used our face shape guide, you’ll find when using that that this shag cut is suitable for most face shapes.  With face framing layers, you can rarely go wrong.
042809_momsen_300x400 JIM Spellman Wireimage.jpg

Photo Courtesy of  Jim Spellman/

Free $25 Gift with ANY Raquel Welch Wig Purchase!

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Ladies, good news!  Now, with any Raquel Welch Wig purchase, you’ll receive a HairUWear Travel Kit.

If you’re going on vacation soon, or simply didn’t know wig care accessories to try, this is the perfect opportunity to get one of these travel kits with your purchase.

The kit includes a 4 oz. Moisturizing Shampoo, 4 oz. Leave-In Conditioner, and 4 oz Holding mist.  The offer ends 7/31 so celebrate your independence this month with a Raquel Welch Wig!


There’s no code necessary and the offer is good on ANY Raquel Welch wig.  :D

Perfect Ponytails for Summer

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Summer is here and with the weather heating up, most of us want to get that hair out of our face.  It’s much easier to tie our hair up and head out the door feeling cool and comfortable in the heat than it is to style our hair with long waves hoping they last through the heat and sometimes humidity.  The ponytail is a classic style that you can never go wrong with.  The style holds well in any weather and looks great for any occasion with a bit of styling and hair product.  But how do you make such a classic and practical style not boring? I’ve listed a few ways to make the classic ponytail different, fun, fresh and perfect for summer.

Low, Side-Parted Ponytail:  Try moving the pony tail to the side, and add some curls with your curling iron.. if you have bangs, you can side part it either opposing the ponytail or on the same side.  Eva Longoria is pictured w/ a low side-parted ponytail with waves and a teased crown.  This glams up the ponytail for any occasion. Lauren Conrad has only a slightly teased crown and has side-swept her bangs and tucked them behind her ears for a slightly more sleek look.  Nicole Richie is shown with a more casual pony tail, loose waves and a slightly messy and natural feel.


All photos courtesy of

Nicole Kidman has a very basic low, side-parted ponytail here.  There’s not much styling involved, but with the right outfit and simple makeup, this style can go a long way. She’s opted to dress up the style for evening by emphasizing her lips with a dramatic berry/rouge lip color.


All photos courtesy of

Low Pontail:  Eva Mendez opted for a low pony tail with a natural middle part.  With face framing layers, this softens the harsh part she has and also accents the facial structure she has.

All photos courtesy of

Cate Blanchett’s low pony tail is also very sleek but with loose bangs the style looks more fresh and natural. Large accessories accent this look and add more style.  Try over-sized studded earrings or a large necklace like Cate’s.

All photos courtesy of

High Ponytail:  For a more playful look, try the classic high ponytail.  Kate Beckinsale is seen below with a bouffant style to add some old hollywood glamor to her high ponytail.

All photos courtesy of

Lucy Liu is shown below with the ponytail placed high on her crown with her hair wrapped around the base.  This is also considered a playful look.  She’s given the ponytail a flip at the ends to give the entire tail the “S” shape. With such a dramatic sleek style, she’s paired the look with emphasized eyes and youthful pink lips to soften and balance the overall image.

All photos courtesy of

Drew has opted to flip the ends out for a sweet 70’s look and has also wrapped her hair around the ponytail hiding the elastic.  This is a great look for both day or evening.

All photos courtesy of

Anne Hathaway’s ponytail is loosely gathered with curls added for a fuller tail but not over-done look.   You can loosely brush back your hair and lightly mist with a holding spray to set the style.  This should guard against fly-away and stray hairs during the summer heat and humidity.

All photos courtesy of

If your hair is sparse or short, we carry clip-in ponytails that can give you either a fuller or longer ponytail.  Sometimes both! This classic style is affordable even if you need to purchase a clip-in to get the look. Browse our selection here to see if there are any cute looks for your summer style!