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Gratuitous Celebrity Hair Gossip!

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So, Jessica Alba has gone red! I actually think this looks great on her. I’m not sure if it’s for a role she’s doing or that she’s just bored of her previous blonde hair, but either way I’m liking it! The color compliments her skin tone really well.  If you don’t know how to match your own hair color to your skin tone, try our guide here.


While Alba’s decided to leave her blonde locks behind, Rihanna has gone full force with blonde streaks.  It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but it’s definitely off in a very very bad way.

rihanna-blonde 90

The pic is a bit blurry, but I do love Khloe Kardashian’s hair she had for her wedding over the weekend to Lamar Odom.  You can never go wrong with long wavy hair… and did i mention her ring is 9-carats?


And, now that Kate Gosselin is a co-host on ABC’s The View, I’m glad to see she’s actually ditched her reverse mullet style! Yay!  Her new hair is wavy and actually cute.


So far, the most eye-catching celeb hairtrends I’ve seen in the past couple weeks, for better or for worse!

Interesting Runway Hair for Spring 2010

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Marc Jacobs take for his 2010 s/s show was ivory porcelein faces, red doll lips with tons of black liquid eyeliner.  The hair? an barely attractive top knot.  The look reminds me of Olive Oil from the Popeye cartoon.  I’m not sure if he was going for the mime look, but that’s what comes across to me.  However, hair and makeup aside, I’m still loving his ready-to-wear line. Can’t wait for the line to hit stores.

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The Marc by Marc Jacobs line sports more playful and whimsical styles with over sized bow accessories and a loosely tucked french twist. I’m liking this look for younger girls.  It’s actually wearable and would look great out on the streets shopping or lounging on Melrose.

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Vera Wang opted for nude makeup, defined brows and a loose bouffant with low tucked chignon.  This look is great for work or nights when the look calls to be more refined and put together.  The overall look is so understated that oversized and overjewelled accessories are a must to pull off this look in my opinion.

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The 80’s are back at Derek Lam’s show.  The makeup is inspired by Coney Island and the movie Body Heat.  For a dangerous and edgy look, you can try this style.  I’m not sure about walking out in broad daylight with the makeup though.  That might have to be reserved for your own photo shoots or an underground club.

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Goddess waves and bohemian flower child hair accessories tipped in gold were spotted at Diane Von Furstenberg’s show.  I’ve always loved mermaid waves.  Goddess waves are right up there as well.  This look is perfect for the boho-chic girl in everyone.  If you’re hair is absurdly short but want that look anyway, just add the accessories.  I just had to include this photo since she’s my favorite model right now.  You might recognize her from Barney’s recent denim catalogue.  You can never go wrong w/ androgyny in fashion!

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Most Popular Hollywood Haircuts Right Now

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Here’s a quick look at the hottest haircuts in Hollywood right now.  From short crops to full and flowing locks, we’ve covered it all.  There’s a top style for every person here!

For a assymetrical take on a pixie cut, try Rihanna’s close crop with long layers in the front.  For added attitude, be sure to try out skinny streaks in blonde for darker hair.


Try deep, blunt bangs.  I’m not a big fan of this hairstyle as it’s really hard to pull off.  Even on super model Agyness Deyn I don’t think it’s that great. However, if you’re looking for something totally different and attention getting, you could try this option.


Another great short crop right now is Halle Barry’s pixie.  Try styling this with a bit of pomade or hair wax, grabbing the tips of the hair in random directions to add texture to the style.


Katie Holme’s bob is one of my favorite looks.  It’s clean and polished with long layers.  The A-line shape gives it a modern look that’s sleek and refined.

I love this bob on Reese Witherspoon.  The wavy texture really creates a soft and glamorous look.  I would use a diffuser for this when your hair is half dry, after brushing styling cream through your hair.

Another classic take on the bob here.  Michelle Obama’s diagonally side-parted bob is elegant and flattering.  Be sure to use smoothing cream and a shine spray to control friz and fly-aways for this style.


Leslie Bibb sports a textured bob with long eye-level bangs.  This haircut is best styled with some mousse at the roots for volume and thickening spray for added texture to create the piecey look.


I especially like this style, and not just because it’s on Kate Moss.  It’s undeniable she always looks fabubulous, but this mid-length cut with long layers and thick eye-level bangs is perfect for a more dramatic look.  Be sure to curl the ends inwards with a large barrel curling iron and finish off with a shine serum.


Selma Blair’s rendition of the mid-length layered look with long bangs is also a lively look to try.  This one has more layers than Kate’s style.  The chin-length layers add more movement to the style and a softer more subtle appeal. Style with some texturizing paste on the ends for separation and blow dry w/ a medium-barrel brush to give volume to the bangs.


For those that don’t like to have bangs or are unsuitable for them, you can try Gwenyth Paltrow’s style.  The long chopped ends give this look a naturally edgy feel.  Subtle texture and waves give the hairstyle some movement and life.  This look is good with an outfit with sharp lines for contrast against the textured hair.

JLo has a fantastic mane is full of volume and shape.  Her long angled layers and bangs add life to an otherwise long and boring hairstyle.  The thinned ends helps add volume and body to the hair.

Feel free to leave a comment or message if you need help with styling options or suggestions on how to achieve the looks without cutting your hair! ;)

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