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7 New Raquel Welch Styles

Posted in General on April 28th, 2010 by Nancy – Be the first to comment

We just recently added 7 beautiful styles to our Raquel Welch inventory. The Raquel Welch wigs are one of our top selling brands, due to the attention to detail, cap construction and cutting edge technology that is put into each wig. 5 of the new wigs are made with the Tru2Life fibers and the other 2 shorter wigs are created with the Vibralite fiber. These new wigs will be perfect for Spring, with modern and classic cuts to really accommodate your style.

Ovation is part of the Sheer Indulgence collection with a lace front and a monofilament top. This is a shorter wig but has the Tru2Life fiber that can easily be styled to curly, wavy or straight.


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The first is the,  Upstage,  an amazing fully hand tied Tru2Life wig. This wig also features the lace front and monofilament top. The second is the Spotlight also in the Sheer indulgence collection with the Memory Cap II. The third is the Classic Cut with just the monofilament crown and with a regular hairline, also in the Tru2Life fiber. The fourth is Chic, this wig is made in the Vibralite fiber to give you the amazing color you desire and the monofilament crown to give you a realistic look.


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The is Vivacious a beautiful classic layered wig, with just the Memory Cap II and no monofilament at all to give you a set style. It is a new addition in the Signature Collection along with the Cinch wig which is made with the Vibralite fibers.


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We hope you try these new fun and exciting wigs out for Spring!

Tips to Keep Your Color Bright for Summer

Posted in General on April 13th, 2010 by Nancy – Be the first to comment

We all love to lay out by the pool or the beach during summer, but water and sun is the worse for your hair color. Even the natural water with out cholorine can really put your hair color through the ringer. The sun’s UV rays can also deplete your hair of the protein, it already lacks from being colored.  Here are some helpful tips to keep your hair color bright, fade resistant and healthy.

1.) If you skip a shampoo, be sure to condition or “Dry-Clean”

If you decide to skip shampooing, you should at least condition your hair with a deep conditioner that can replenish your hair with more moisture. This will also help seal the color in longer and keep blondes from turning brassy.  Keratase Chroma Riche line is one that is recommend to add the needed moisture for your hair. Just rinse your add the conditioner in your hair and rinse with warm water.

courtesy of Keratase

courtesy of Keratase

You can also do a “Dry-clean” with some baby powder or with other oil abosrbing powder. Avoiding water is the best, always for colored hair. Fekkai makes a great oil absorbing powder just add some to your ‘do!

courtesy of Fekkai

courtesy of Fekkai

2.) If you decide to shampoo, use a color depositing shampoo

Invest in a color depositing shampoo, so you can shorten your trips to the salon for touch ups. Davines Alchemic is a great line for color shampoo, use this once a week and you can prolong the color of your hair.

courtesy of Davines

courtesy of Davines

3.) Use a leave-in SPF conditioner for extended sun exposure

During the Summer being out and about you can’t always wear a hat! Your hair is just like your skin, so it needs to be protected.  Redken’s Color Extend Sun line has SPF12 to help shield your hair.

courtesy of Redken

courtesy of Redken

Whether your hair is dyed or Au natural, these products will keep your hair looking healthy for summer!