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We all love getting more out of shopping, that’s why now until supplies last, we are giving away a FREE Gleam Wig with any Raquel Welch Wig purchase. That’s a $129 value ladies!

Free Gleam Wig

With so many Raquel Welch wigs to choose from,  here are a few of our favorites:

The Starlight Synthetic Wig by Raquel Welch

This is an amazing short, asymmetrical cut that is one of the latest salon trends today! Featuring Raquel Welch’s memory cap, that actually molds to the shape of your head for a lighter and more secure fit. Take it from Denise, a loyal customer of ours. “I LOVE THIS WIG. I have a new favorite. I look forward to getting this in a few other colors as well. Great fit. Easy to style. Looks great. You won’t go wrong with this one.”

Starlight Synthetic Wig by Raquel Welch

Starlight Synthetic Wig by Raquel Welch

The Star Quality Synthetic Lace Front Wig by Raquel Welch

A medium length cut with optional bang styling, side sweep them or pull them forward! Featuring the Sheer Indulgence Top that is hand knotted, one by one, providing forward movement and the look of natural growth and versatile parting options.

Star Quality Synthetic Lace Front Wig by Raquel Welch

Star Quality Synthetic Lace Front Wig by Raquel Welch

The Legend Synthetic Lace Front Wig by Raquel Welch

Long and Versatile! This layered lace front style comes out of the box with loosely spiraled curls, but you can straighten it out thanks to the Tru2Life heat-friendly fibers. Acting just like your own hair, you’ll instantly fall in love with this one just like Erin, “I love everything about it, it feels light on and has a very natural, fantastic look.”

Legend Synthetic Lace Front Wig by Raquel Welch

Legend Synthetic Lace Front Wig by Raquel Welch

There you have it, from short medium to long, Raquel Welch has it all. Check out all her wigs here and don’t forget to add the Free Gleam Wig to your shopping cart. It could be for you or a gift for a friend or family member!

New Hair Trend Alert: Undone Hair!

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Keeping your hair sleek and pulled together was always a fashion statement, but now we’re looking to get messy and I personally am happy about that! There comes a time when we just gotta put away all the heat products and get inventive with different styles, and this undone hair style will make things a lot easier on ourselves. Here are just a few ways to get the undone look this season. Spend less time on your hair and more time out doing your favorite things!

Loose side ponytail

How-to: Wash your hair at night, and scrunch a dollop of mousse through strands. Let air dry, then twist hair into loose pigtail braids, keeping the top part out for volume, not waves. Let your braids out in the morning, tease at the roots and set with hairspray. Gather your hair in a low side pony and tie. Voila!

Loose Ponytail


How-to: This is ideal for ladies with bangs or short layers in the front. Part your hair down the center, keeping an inch out at the front by the face on either side. Twist the back half into a clip, pushing the hair up toward the crown of the head for volume. Let the front pieces go loose.


Messy Braid

How-to: Gather your hair in back or on the side, leaving tendrils out for the undone effect, and braid. Pull a few pieces out of the braid, and set with a curl-enhancing hairspray for texture.

Messy Side Braid

The Afterthought Bun

How-to: Let your hair dry naturally – flyaways are OK! Create a deep side part, and secure your hair to the side with a few bobby pins. Tie a ponytail at the nape of your neck, just off to one side. Twist the ponytail around in a circular motion or gather for a messy effect. Secure with another hair tie. It’s just so easy!

Afterthought Bun

Those are some of my favorite messy hairstyles, but you can make any style messy this season. Be creative and stand out from the typical sleek and kept look.

Make a difference! Help Donate $5 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Help us Donate!

About 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. In an effort to raise awareness and help save lives, we will be donating $5 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. for every new “like” we receive on our Voguewigs Facebook Fan Page. Throughout this month help us reach our goal of $10,000, that’s only 2,000 clicks! Many of our wig customers are breast cancer survivors. Every day we are inspired by their brave stories. Therefore this is a cause that is very close to our hearts. Together we can make a difference. This costs absolutely nothing to you, and every click can make a difference.

To get started and make a donation, all you have to do is go to and click the “Like” button on the top of the page.  Each click is one step closer to finding the cure. For more ways on how you can help please visit

The New Beachy Waves!

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Still in summer mode ladies? Don’t ditch your sexy beach waves just yet! This fall, you’ll see a new, relaxed version of the beach waves that’s completely fall appropriate. This hairstyle is simple and easy to do, it’s not as wavy or curly looking like you have just gotten back from the beach, it has a hippie vibe to it. Most of us don’t know that with short hair, you can pull this look off as well! I personally think it looks quite flattering with short hair, makes you look younger like Camille Belle. The shoulder length waves really give it an added kick to her style!  And of course it’s always gorgeous for those with long hair like Kate Hudson, making it look sexy or even fun, depending on how you wear it of course. Let it match your personality!

Camille Belle

Camille Belle

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

To get this gorgeous look, avoid curling all your hair. Instead, wrap pieces randomly around a one-and-half-inch curling iron the work off about ear level down and holding the iron horizontally. Once you get the all around waves to your liking, add some mousse to the ends for a rough, wet look. When adding be sure to scrunch the ends in your fist for that bit of a messy feel.  And Voila, you’re ready to show off your new beachy waves!

For instant waves, check out the Sugar Rush by Forever Young or the Beauty Queen by Forever Young. Two fabulous wigs that already have that built-in look and feel of the new beachy waves. Just give it a quick shake and it’s ready to wear in minutes!

Sugar Rush Synthetic Wig by Forever Young

Sugar Rush Synthetic Wig by Forever Young

Beauty Queen Synthetic Wig by Forever Young

Beauty Queen Synthetic Wig by Forever Young

So go ahead ladies and let your new fall hair shine! Work this new fall look into your own natural hair, your human hair wigs, tru2Life wigs or even the Heat Defiant wigs. But for a fast on the go gal, grab the Sugar Rush or Beauty Queen!