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Top A/W 2010 Hair and Makeup Trends from Fashion Week

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We spotted twenties-inspired makeup and long, easy ponytails at the DKNY show.  They objective was a well-bred look.  Donna Karen wanted the girls to look young, pretty as if they just got back to their estate from horseback riding with hair loosely gathered.

photo courtesy allure
photo courtesy allure

Souleiman created this look by adding extensions 2-3 shades lighter than the models’ natural hair color at the back of the head to brighten the look.  Then, created a deep side part and pulled the hair into a low ponytail to lay it over one shoulder.

photo courtesy of allure
photo courtesy of allure

Carolina Herrera deviated from her usual up-do penchant. This season, they opted to leave the hair down for a younger, cooler look that’s not overdone. Her season’s 70’s inspired glamour reflects a familiar Kate Moss that’s a pro at wearing a formal dress and leaving her hair natural.

photo courtesy of allure
photo courtesy of allure

A familiar deep side part is also used here, emphasizing character and classiness while merging effortlessness into an entire look for the A/W 2010 line.

photo courtesy of allure
photo courtesy of allure

Another hair down trend appeared at Zac Posen’s show, giving the models a sexy edge.  The look was created with a middle part and easy free-ended curls.  To finish the look, the curls were brushed out to enhance movement on the runway.

photo courtesy of allure
photo courtesy of allure

Pecheux decided to combine various shades for a deep purple lip color.  To top the stark autumn look off, Peter Som opted for a graphic hairstyle.  To create this look, hairstylist Laurent Philippon styled something simple reflecting the 90’s minimalist Goth.

photo courtesy of allure
photo courtesy of allure

Romantic wispy bouffants were all the rage at Vera Wang’s.  Reminiscent of Bridgitte Bardot’s sex kitten hair, Jimmy Paul kept the hair soft and loose. To recreate this look, center-part the hair with a comb prior to applying products.  spray the roos with a thickening hairspray for volume, lightly tease if necesary and leave the ends misted and loose for a beachy texture.

photo courtesy of allure
photo courtesy of allure

From the side, your sectionally teased crown should look big and poufy.  Tease sections at a time for the best result.

photo courtesy of allure
photo courtesy of allure

To finish off the style, either leave the ends down for a half up half down look.  Leave the fluffly tail of hair hanging loose over the shoulder,  or wrangle the hair into a messy twist and secure with bobby pins.

photo courtesy of allure
photo courtesy of allure

Pale violet eyes and easygoing hair of downtown girls was the inspiration at the Marc Jacobs’s show. Stylist Guido says the secret to this look is a great cut that lets the hair do its own thing.  He trimmed all the model’s hair to a couple of inches below the collarbone–the perfect length. The result is a sexy, cool girl–the kind of girls you see in East Village, or a cafe in Paris, or around London.

photo courtesy of allure
photo courtesy of allure

These hairstyles are perfect to polish off an edgy or chic couture look.  The low-maintanence and easily replicated styles transfer easily from the runways into your busy day-to-day life as well.  Just remember to keep things easy, simple and minimal.

Raquel Welch, Gifts with Purchase

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To celebrate the new styles from Raquel Welch, we’re giving away THREE gifts with every Raquel Welch wig purchase!  If you’ve been waiting to try out a new style or need to re-purchase a classic favorite, now’s the perfect time.  Gifts include a free travel shampoo, wig stand, and brush to help you care for your new wig.

rw gift copy.jpg

Offer lasts until 8/31.  Pick up your Raquel Welch Wigs soon!

Free $25 Gift with ANY Raquel Welch Wig Purchase!

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Ladies, good news!  Now, with any Raquel Welch Wig purchase, you’ll receive a HairUWear Travel Kit.

If you’re going on vacation soon, or simply didn’t know wig care accessories to try, this is the perfect opportunity to get one of these travel kits with your purchase.

The kit includes a 4 oz. Moisturizing Shampoo, 4 oz. Leave-In Conditioner, and 4 oz Holding mist.  The offer ends 7/31 so celebrate your independence this month with a Raquel Welch Wig!


There’s no code necessary and the offer is good on ANY Raquel Welch wig.  :D

Perfect Ponytails for Summer

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Summer is here and with the weather heating up, most of us want to get that hair out of our face.  It’s much easier to tie our hair up and head out the door feeling cool and comfortable in the heat than it is to style our hair with long waves hoping they last through the heat and sometimes humidity.  The ponytail is a classic style that you can never go wrong with.  The style holds well in any weather and looks great for any occasion with a bit of styling and hair product.  But how do you make such a classic and practical style not boring? I’ve listed a few ways to make the classic ponytail different, fun, fresh and perfect for summer.

Low, Side-Parted Ponytail:  Try moving the pony tail to the side, and add some curls with your curling iron.. if you have bangs, you can side part it either opposing the ponytail or on the same side.  Eva Longoria is pictured w/ a low side-parted ponytail with waves and a teased crown.  This glams up the ponytail for any occasion. Lauren Conrad has only a slightly teased crown and has side-swept her bangs and tucked them behind her ears for a slightly more sleek look.  Nicole Richie is shown with a more casual pony tail, loose waves and a slightly messy and natural feel.


All photos courtesy of

Nicole Kidman has a very basic low, side-parted ponytail here.  There’s not much styling involved, but with the right outfit and simple makeup, this style can go a long way. She’s opted to dress up the style for evening by emphasizing her lips with a dramatic berry/rouge lip color.


All photos courtesy of

Low Pontail:  Eva Mendez opted for a low pony tail with a natural middle part.  With face framing layers, this softens the harsh part she has and also accents the facial structure she has.

All photos courtesy of

Cate Blanchett’s low pony tail is also very sleek but with loose bangs the style looks more fresh and natural. Large accessories accent this look and add more style.  Try over-sized studded earrings or a large necklace like Cate’s.

All photos courtesy of

High Ponytail:  For a more playful look, try the classic high ponytail.  Kate Beckinsale is seen below with a bouffant style to add some old hollywood glamor to her high ponytail.

All photos courtesy of

Lucy Liu is shown below with the ponytail placed high on her crown with her hair wrapped around the base.  This is also considered a playful look.  She’s given the ponytail a flip at the ends to give the entire tail the “S” shape. With such a dramatic sleek style, she’s paired the look with emphasized eyes and youthful pink lips to soften and balance the overall image.

All photos courtesy of

Drew has opted to flip the ends out for a sweet 70’s look and has also wrapped her hair around the ponytail hiding the elastic.  This is a great look for both day or evening.

All photos courtesy of

Anne Hathaway’s ponytail is loosely gathered with curls added for a fuller tail but not over-done look.   You can loosely brush back your hair and lightly mist with a holding spray to set the style.  This should guard against fly-away and stray hairs during the summer heat and humidity.

All photos courtesy of

If your hair is sparse or short, we carry clip-in ponytails that can give you either a fuller or longer ponytail.  Sometimes both! This classic style is affordable even if you need to purchase a clip-in to get the look. Browse our selection here to see if there are any cute looks for your summer style!

Site Updates: New Low Prices and Back-In-Stocks!

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Finally, some good news that everyone’s been waiting for.  We just got back in stock Elegante Human Hair Jasmine and Human Hair Julianne.  We know some of you have been waiting a few months for these.  It’s been a long time, even for us. The manufacturer has finally re-stocked those two styles so hurry and place your order before they’re out of stock again! We have them available in a range of colors that were previously out of stock.

Our newly added Jessica Simpson Hairdo Bangs are also doing really well.  We’ve just lowered prices on that to $29!  It’s the best deal online right now!


Select Hairdo items have also been reduced in price.  Check on your favorite extensions now to see if they’re been lowered.

$10,000 For Extensions?!

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For those that covet long lush hair in the world of ceelebrity-dom, apparently money is never an issue. Clients of famed “Tress Goddess,” and hair augmentation specialist, Mahri Martens-Tomas pay upwards of $10,000 for a head of perfect hair.  The extensions have to be touched-up or reapplied every 3-4 months and many clients will pay not only the price for the applications, but also travel-fare in order to get to Martens-Tomas’ in Beverly Hills. Clients fly from all over to have these luxurious extensions. The charge exactly? A hefty $5,000 for the first once and $4,000 for each additional ounce.  Most average clients will get around 3 ounces but it’s not unheard of to add up to 8 ounces of hair for the fullest, thickest hair a client can get.  Some people will need just a handful of extensions to fill a bald spot and some might just want to fill their entire head just for their own enjoyment.

What exactly makes this hair from Martens-Tomas worth the price?  Firstly, the adhesive she uses are custom depending on the need of the client.  Not to mention, they are specially formulated in general for an adhesive that’s very gentle and can withstand months of washing and drying without destroying the hair cuticles.  She adjusts the adhesive for each client depending on if they hit the gym and shower regularly or depending on the hair type if it’s oily or dry. Aside from custom adhesives, Martens-Tomas only uses European hair for her work. The exclusive provider she buys from originally provided hair for wigs for all the royals in Europe.  Compared to the cheapest hair for sale out there, this hair is 10x more expensive.  None of the hair Martens-Tomas uses is dyed.  At times, clients may need to wait a few months to get the right type of hair and length.

Mahri is pictured below in front of her Beverly Hills office.

picture courtesy of

All I can say is, for those without $10k to spare, thank goodness for Hairdo products. ;)   The limits for luxury consumption is definitely boundless!

HairDo 2-for-1 Only Until 6/30

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Back by popular demand, we’re giving away FREE 15″ Wavy ($77 Value) with every 23″ Wavy Hairdo Extensions purchase.  For those of you that have been waiting for the sale, this is the perfect opportunity to get two looks for the price of one!  The deal is just in time for your summer vacation.  You can show off fabulous long, full, wavy hair or surprise your family and friends at the next wedding with a cute short wavy bob. I see playing dress-up in your near future ;)


New Bangs From Forever Young and Jon Renau

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We’ve just received news of two new options for temporary fringe!  We’re glad to include Jon Renau’s easiBangs to our lineup of available Jon Renau extensions.

For fans of Forever Young styles, they’ve also introduced a clip in extension piece for bangs. Check out the Sleek Finish bangs below on the model.
sleek finish bang1.jpg

Stay updated for availability on our store soon!

Love From Customers ~

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I wanted to post some testimonials and nice emails we’ve recently received from happy customers!  It makes us really happy here at Voguewigs when we’re able to make our customers happy as well.

Thanks for all the LOVE!~

I just wanted to write to tell you I received my two hairpieces yesterday, (NY Chic ponytail and Short Shag Comb) and I am so thrilled I can hardly put it into words. I was very nervous ordering without having seen the colors or having any idea about the product, but I am so excited and cannot believe the quality. I chose the colors after carefully studying every photo on your website of the same color, and I am amazed how well they match my own hair. I am going to have so much fun wearing them!

Thanks for a fabulous product. I would recommend you to anyone!



We had been away on vacation since New Year’s Day and just recently returned.  We picked up your shipment from the post office today.  The contents were exactly what I ordered and I look just gorgeous in my new wig.  Thank you for the excellent customer service with this order given the hectic holiday season.  You can be certain that, in the future, your company will be my primary contact for my wigs.  Thanks again and we wish you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

Donald and Nancy

WOW you really live up to what the reviewers say! Thank you so much for the help! I understand about ordering a colour ring. It would be rather helpful. I wound up going to Sally Beaty Supply and looked at theirs and was able to get some ideas. Thank you sooo much for your help on colour options. I’ve actually had my hair near the colour 27. It had a more..golden/orange tint to it. I could do lighter colours, but I’d have to bleach my brows a bit. I do love the highlights. They are big now a days and I’ve yet to do them. IT would be a nice change.
I actually am wondering something with the colours. I see some listed as: F27-8 or 24b27c or 24bt18 or 27a25 and finally h27-6 I didnt know what it meant like, is one colour the base- and the other he highlight? Or is one color the base- and the other the frosted colour. I didn’t want to get one- and have it be all blonde- with brown highlights, haha, that wouldn’t be good.
Thanks again for the help! You guys are amazing! Really, thank you!



Just a line to let you know my wife’s wigs arrived today safe and sound, I can’t thank you enough for the excellent service you have provided and my wife is over the moon with my purchase. To think you have managed to get them here in so short a time is a credit to both you and the US Postal Sevice, for example I wrote my Member of Parliament August 3rd and received a reply 19th Nov no doubt she didn’t like what I had to say. The short wig holds close to the back of the neck giving a very natural look something which I picked up on immediately the same can be said of the longer wig the hair curls slightly upwards at the ends once again this detail gives the piece a much more natural look.  You have made a lady very happy and if she is happy then so am I, we have been together since we were 16yrs old and we are now Great grand parents so I should know what makes her happy and her face lit up when trying on her hair pieces. She has one on at this very moment 9pm and she even went to the trouble of putting in suitable earrings can I take the opportunity to say we will be back for more once we get Christmas out of the way.  

So can I wish you and yours every success and a very happy CHRISTMAS and a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.
yours faithfully




This is just to say that my order arrived safely and I am delighted with it.I wore it to work and several customers commented on my hair and thought I’d had it done at the hairdressers. I didn’t let on it is a wig. It looks so natural and matches my own colour well..

I am very impressed also with your service and how quickly my order arrived.

Once again many thanks




Fringe is IN!

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Celebs have been spotted adding fringe to their looks.  Among recent starlettes to add fringe are Kim Kardashian and Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl. They’ve added fringe to their long wavy layers for a sultry retro look.  The bangs draw attention and focus to their eyes.

Keira Knightly has also been spotted recently with fringe.

It’s a significant change from her look previously.  If you’re too scared to make the permanent cut and just want it for a day or two, try the Hairdo Fringe that I posted about on the last blog.  The fringe piece was featured it in this month’s Glamour magazine as well.