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Raquel Welch, Gifts with Purchase

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To celebrate the new styles from Raquel Welch, we’re giving away THREE gifts with every Raquel Welch wig purchase!  If you’ve been waiting to try out a new style or need to re-purchase a classic favorite, now’s the perfect time.  Gifts include a free travel shampoo, wig stand, and brush to help you care for your new wig.

rw gift copy.jpg

Offer lasts until 8/31.  Pick up your Raquel Welch Wigs soon!

Free $25 Gift with ANY Raquel Welch Wig Purchase!

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Ladies, good news!  Now, with any Raquel Welch Wig purchase, you’ll receive a HairUWear Travel Kit.

If you’re going on vacation soon, or simply didn’t know wig care accessories to try, this is the perfect opportunity to get one of these travel kits with your purchase.

The kit includes a 4 oz. Moisturizing Shampoo, 4 oz. Leave-In Conditioner, and 4 oz Holding mist.  The offer ends 7/31 so celebrate your independence this month with a Raquel Welch Wig!


There’s no code necessary and the offer is good on ANY Raquel Welch wig.  :D

Supermodel Agyness Deyn’s Peroxide Pixie

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We’ve been seeing the trend of long locks everywhere lately.  Celebs and A-listers alike have all been adding inches to their frocks with the help of permanent bonded extensions or temporary clip-in extensions. Whether it’s long and straight or lusciously wavy, getting long hair without waiting for it to grow has been the trend.  Starlettes have been seen adding fringe either with a permanent cut or clip-in hair pieces too! With summer right around the corner, everyone’s just itching for that new style to step out into the sun with.

But, there’s only so much you can do with adding to real hair without actually changing the length/texture.Having long hair has it’s conveniences and pros but sometimes we just want to be released! For those of us not bold enough to really chop our hair off, a wig seems like the next best thing.

I’ve recently been obsessed with Agyness Deyn. She’s all over the fashion scene and most recently crowned the spokesmodel for Jean-Paul Gaultier’s fragrance for the sweet and edgy: woman Ma’Dame.


Her short peroxide pixie has been deemed the Aggy cut. It’s all the rave in the fashion world now.  Even Victoria Beckham that brought the assymetrical bob back a few years ago has razored her hair to catch up with the new trend. She’s pictured below with her fresh new look.


The new craze for the peroxide pixie has been taking over the fashion scene and is Jean-Paul Gaultier’s ideal image of what he considers the modern ‘Garconne’ woman.  The hair style and image exudes a woman of flair, style and spark. This style is not for the shy! Here, We can see a simple and natural look with the hairstyle.

It’s versatile enough to show off the soft side of a woman as well as the sparkle and edgy side of working modern women. The blonde cut looks great on fair skin with a heavy smokey eye and pale nude lips like Agyness has below.

We have a few options if you want to try out the style before the big cut!  I think the Allure wig by Jon Renau comes very close to Agyness’ hair.  I comes in a platinum shade as well!


Not bad for something temporary and you can always go back to your own hair or extensions if you want!  Try it for a party or a night out with a new edgy outfit. Summer’s almost here and it’s time to have some fun.  ;)

Love From Customers ~

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I wanted to post some testimonials and nice emails we’ve recently received from happy customers!  It makes us really happy here at Voguewigs when we’re able to make our customers happy as well.

Thanks for all the LOVE!~

I just wanted to write to tell you I received my two hairpieces yesterday, (NY Chic ponytail and Short Shag Comb) and I am so thrilled I can hardly put it into words. I was very nervous ordering without having seen the colors or having any idea about the product, but I am so excited and cannot believe the quality. I chose the colors after carefully studying every photo on your website of the same color, and I am amazed how well they match my own hair. I am going to have so much fun wearing them!

Thanks for a fabulous product. I would recommend you to anyone!



We had been away on vacation since New Year’s Day and just recently returned.  We picked up your shipment from the post office today.  The contents were exactly what I ordered and I look just gorgeous in my new wig.  Thank you for the excellent customer service with this order given the hectic holiday season.  You can be certain that, in the future, your company will be my primary contact for my wigs.  Thanks again and we wish you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

Donald and Nancy

WOW you really live up to what the reviewers say! Thank you so much for the help! I understand about ordering a colour ring. It would be rather helpful. I wound up going to Sally Beaty Supply and looked at theirs and was able to get some ideas. Thank you sooo much for your help on colour options. I’ve actually had my hair near the colour 27. It had a more..golden/orange tint to it. I could do lighter colours, but I’d have to bleach my brows a bit. I do love the highlights. They are big now a days and I’ve yet to do them. IT would be a nice change.
I actually am wondering something with the colours. I see some listed as: F27-8 or 24b27c or 24bt18 or 27a25 and finally h27-6 I didnt know what it meant like, is one colour the base- and the other he highlight? Or is one color the base- and the other the frosted colour. I didn’t want to get one- and have it be all blonde- with brown highlights, haha, that wouldn’t be good.
Thanks again for the help! You guys are amazing! Really, thank you!



Just a line to let you know my wife’s wigs arrived today safe and sound, I can’t thank you enough for the excellent service you have provided and my wife is over the moon with my purchase. To think you have managed to get them here in so short a time is a credit to both you and the US Postal Sevice, for example I wrote my Member of Parliament August 3rd and received a reply 19th Nov no doubt she didn’t like what I had to say. The short wig holds close to the back of the neck giving a very natural look something which I picked up on immediately the same can be said of the longer wig the hair curls slightly upwards at the ends once again this detail gives the piece a much more natural look.  You have made a lady very happy and if she is happy then so am I, we have been together since we were 16yrs old and we are now Great grand parents so I should know what makes her happy and her face lit up when trying on her hair pieces. She has one on at this very moment 9pm and she even went to the trouble of putting in suitable earrings can I take the opportunity to say we will be back for more once we get Christmas out of the way.  

So can I wish you and yours every success and a very happy CHRISTMAS and a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.
yours faithfully




This is just to say that my order arrived safely and I am delighted with it.I wore it to work and several customers commented on my hair and thought I’d had it done at the hairdressers. I didn’t let on it is a wig. It looks so natural and matches my own colour well..

I am very impressed also with your service and how quickly my order arrived.

Once again many thanks




15% OFF ALL Forever Young Wigs

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Our monthly promotion is here.  Right now we’re having a sale on all Forever Young wigs.  15% off any style. It’s perfect timing since we just added some new styles! We just sent out the coupon code via our newsletter.  If you’re not on our list yet, sign up so you won’t miss out on future coupon codes. :D

Angelina’s New Hairstyle for Salt

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So who’s diggin’ Angelina’s new locks for her upcoming movie Salt?  It’s always fun and interesting to see how stylists put actors into their characters.  In the upcoming film, Angelina plays plays a CIA officer who is accused of being a Russian sleeper spy. She is shown in character with long blonde hair and fringe bangs.

A clip from on set, she’s shown here with the same style in a raven color.

The Heavenly Body in F27/613 is a comparable style that we carry that looks very similar to to Angie’s new hair. For the same style in a raven color, you can try 1B or 2 for a similar effect.
heavenly body.jpg

Have fun playing CIA ;)

New Styles, Just In From Forever Young

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We have just added FIVE new styles from Forever Young to our store this past weekend! Four wigs and one new hairpiece style.  If you haven’t had a chance to take a look yet, I’ve posted the new styles below.

Hairpiece Cowboy’s Sweet Heart

Get a flirty wavy pony tail with this new hairpiece.
cowboy sweetheart.jpg

Modern Edge

A nice sleek shorter do with face framing layers
modern edge.jpg

Roll With It

A wig style for those seriously not afraid of curls.  Endless volume!

roll with it.jpg

Paper Doll

This high fashion look is great for dressing up and going incognito. It looks just like Posh Spice’s famous short bob cut but with bangs.
paper doll.jpg

Still Curls

My personal favorite.  This look is both sexy and cute.
still curls.jpg

March Promos!

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Back by popular demand: our BOGO deal!  In conjuction with HairDo, we’re able to bring to you this special deal for the month of March only.

With every purchase of a 23″ Wavy Extensions Kit, we’re giving away a FREE 15″ Wavy Kit as well.  The promo is only good so long as supplies last and no special code is needed. Hurry while supplies last!


If you’ve been eyeing our newly introduced Revlon Ebony wigs, you’re in luck!  Hopefully you’ve signed up for our newsletter and have already received the promotion code.  If not, be sure to sign up on our homepage so that you won’t miss out on future exclusive deals!!


Raquel Welch Promo

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Our public promo this month for Raquel Welch has just been announced. For those of you not on our newsletter mailing, you may have missed the announcement.

For a limited time only, we’re giving away free a 2 oz. Wash & Wear shampoo and a 2 oz. All-Day-Softness conditioner with every Raquel Welch Wig purchase.  This is a great deal for those of you that need a new wig and also need travel size versions of your regular wig care products! This offer is for as long as supplies last.  To be the first to know about promotions and special discount deals, sign up for our newsletter so you won’t be left out of the loop!


New Forever Young Styles, Coming Soon!

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We’ve just received news here in the office that Forever Young will be releasing TWO new styles soon!  Take a look at the sneak peek pics below.  Keep checking back for updates on our site to purchase yours first! ;)

Sophisticated Cut
sophisticated cut.jpg

Love Pixie

love pixie